Horns played by the San Francisco Symphony Horn Section

Bob Ward plays a full Schmidt-model double or a Schmidt model Bb-Hi F 5-valve descant horn made by Karl Hill. He also owns a second Karl Hill Geyer-model, a C.F.Schmidt, a Webb natural horn, a Vienna Horn made by Wiener Horn Manufaktur and a Stocker Alphorn. One of the SFSO's Paxman compensating Wagner Tubas also lives in his closet, along with conch shells and ram's horns. Plus lots of old junky mouthpieces and leadpipes.

Kimberly Wright plays a Lewis that Dale Clevenger once offered her a lot of money for. That's it. Just one horn.

Bruce Roberts plays an Atkinson Geyer-model, a Yamaha custom Schmidt or an old Paxman double-change-valve descant that has been extensively modified. When he plays tuben it's a Vienna-made Engel owned by the SFSO.

Jonathan Ring has usually played a Geyer double. But he just got a new Atkinson Geyer model, and he's very excited about that. He also has a Schmidt, a second Geyer, and two Vienna Horns, one made in the late 1800's by Uhlmann, and the other a Yamaha prototype made in the late 1970s. Jon also plays one of the SFSO's Engel tuben.

Jessica Valeri plays a Hill Geyer model.

Doug Hull plays a Yamaha custom Geyer model of which he has two. He also has a Geyer Schmidt model and a Yamaha descant.


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